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The Gatekeepers Are Gone
Hustle + Technology = Success
New media expert and entrepreneur Lamar Tyler shows you exactly how to utilize the opportunities that currently exist to build your business and brand. Through personal stories, insight, and examples, Lamar shares how he took a website from a small personal blog and built it into an international brand with over 500 thousand Facebook fans and how you can do the same. Regardless of your category, niche, or industry, this book will help you to develop a blueprint for finding more customers, readers, followers and fans. 
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About this Book
If you want to achieve more, if you want success, if you want more out of life, then this book is for you. 
Here's what you'll learn:
• How to take advantage of today’s unique opportunity for business owners and creatives, due to the rise of social media and the steady decline of technology costs

• How to begin developing a brand that enables you to stand out from the competition

• Strategies and tips for using social media for marketing regardless of your market 

• Parallels between the old way and the new way of doing business and how you can use the opportunities that exist today

• How to make the transition from side-hustle to main-hustle 

•  5 mistakes that social media newbies make and how not to do the same ones

• 10 immediate steps you can take towards success now

This book gave me life, fresh perspective, and an extra push.. meanwhile you're still reading reviews.. BUY IT..

I purchased this book with high expectations. I was looking for everything and more. You would call me a liar if I said I found it all in this book, so I'll say this: If you're looking for a book that not only gives you direct links to follow, specific steps to take, and a clear guide for specific platforms, this book needs to be in your house, in your pocket, on your nightstand, and in your car. I highlighted so much of the book you would think the pages were made yellow. Lamar, you did a great job presenting a great framework for any blogger, musician, or anyone with a dream. If you wish to learn why the gatekeepers are gone, this book is for you. I felt uplifted and encouraged that I could take my website ( #Shameless plug) to the next level. I felt I could get out of my own way and had clear steps how to do just that. I loved the book so much, I purchased a second copy and gifted it to another dreamer on her grind. She just received her book and is already getting high off the pages. Truth be told, this book should be more than what it is listed..but God knows your heart and your purpose, you shall get everything back in a multitude of ways because you truly deserve it. Thank you Tyler family. And if you don't know... The Gatekeepers are Gone.

- Diana

A MUST read for aspiring, emerging and experienced thought leaders

This book is a must read for all experience levels of business owners, bloggers, vloggers, coaches, consultants, artists, etc.. As Dr. Phil says, he "put verbs in his sentences." I am a very process oriented thinker, and the way the book was organized, it made TOTAL SENSE. He was specific and encouraging. My favorite thing? The fact that he dealt with topics in individual chapters (branding, blogging, book publishing, films, etc.). The only chapter I didn't read verbatim (but still skimmed) was the one on Indie Music--because I cannot carry a note sealed in an envelope (smile). Yeah, this is a must read for aspiring, emerging or seasoned entrepreneurs. Leaders are readers...

- A. Rogerson

Culturally necessary book for today's internet entrepreneur - which is every modern entrepreneur.

Lamar Tyler has definitively written a culturally necessary and modern book with this one. I have been preaching to my peers [30+ males] that they need to understand how and why the model for earning incomes is different today than it was just 10-15 years ago. Markets and industries are changing faster than college degrees, internships, and 401K plans. Lamar clearly lays out why now is the time to take action. We all need to be looking at all of our options for building sustainable incomes for our family's sake. The day of corporate-employee loyalty is long gone. The gatekeepers are gone and with direct access to your consumers, the sky's the limit. Lamar lays out your why and how - all you need to do is dedicate the time and effort. I'm not sure what else you're waiting for.

- Isom Kuadeon
"This book gave me Life, Fresh Perspective, and an Extra Push.. Meanwhile you're still reading reviews.. BUY IT.."
- Diana
"A MUST Read for Aspiring, Emerging and Experienced Thought Leaders"
- A. Rogerson
"Culturally necessary book for today's internet entrepreneur - which is every modern entrepreneur."
- Isom Kuadeon
About the Author
Using his motto "The Gatekeepers Are Gone" Lamar Tyler has successfully leveraged social media to build an international brand with customers across the globe. 

Along with creating social content, producing and directing films and developing social media strategies for America's most well-known brands, Lamar travels the country speaking at conferences and giving advice to aspiring entrepreneurs on how to build their businesses. 
  •  Ebony Magazine Power 100
  •  Finalist - Black Enterprise Family Business of the Year
  •  Finalist - Infusionsoft Small Business ICON Award
  •  Atlanta Voice 50 Under 50
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